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Ivanna advises on real estate and corporate law matters.

Specializes in comprehensive legal due diligence.

Supports M&A transactions.


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Although Ukrainian tax legislation is constantly undergoing the reform, which usually means improvement, certain foreign transactions taxation issues still baffle non-residents and their professional advisors from time to time. Here we consider the case when a non-resident company disposes of real estate in Ukraine as an asset to another non-resident...

Ivanna Rodionova, Alexander Borodkin


By its decree No. 969-р dated 18 August 2021, which took legal effect since its adoption, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved a new list of administrative services to be provided by administrative service centers...

Ivanna Rodionova, Alexander Borodkin


Ukraine is undergoing the tax reform nowadays, which is quite inconsistent, unpredictable and sometimes may bring instability to the business environment. The legislator is introducing significant changes to the Tax Сode and in a few months after, adopts other laws that change the rules established before...

Ivanna Rodionova, Alexander Borodkin