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Energy and Natural Resources
PPP and Procurement
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More than 3 years of experience in real estate and energy and natural resources.

Specialises in PPP and procurement, transport and infrastructure.


Energy and Natural Resources,
PPP and Procurement,
Real Estate and Construction,
Construction and Development,

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Oleg Alyoshin and Tetyana Revutska acted as local experts for the annual Energy Investment Risk Assessment report...

Oleg Alyoshin, Tetiana Revutska


This summer, Ukraine made its first steps towards creating a functioning green bonds market. Adopted on 19 June 2020 and effective from 01 July 2021, amendments to the Law of Ukraine ''On Capital Markets and Organized Commodity Markets" introduce the green bonds, define what projects are eligible for funding via placement of green bonds, who may issue them and what are the reporting rules for the issuers...

Tetiana Revutska


World's rising interest in hydrogen has touched Ukraine as well. Ukraine's government reports on its plans to attract investment into production, transportation, use and storage of hydrogen. Ukraine has potential to become a lucrative destination for hydrogen producers due to its resources that allow to produce different types of hydrogen, and geographical position granting access to European markets...

Tetiana Revutska


Starting from early 2020, Ukrainian construction industry undergoes a string of core reforms. Aimed to reboot the industry, the reformative laws will establish new authorities to oversee all regulatory matters, will streamline the procedures for issuing construction permits and set new rules for inspections...

Tetiana Revutska, Alexander Borodkin