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Q&A about Insurance Litigation in Ukraine 2022

Oleg Kachmar, Yurii Kolos


The quarantine restrictions imposed on companies following the coronavirus pandemic outbreak back in March 2020 have been a major blow to business enterprises all around the world. However, the solid state support for business in Europe and the US (e.g. £27 billion invested for business support in the UK, €50 billion subsidies in Germany for small and medium enterprises and self-employed individuals)...


Neither the demand of the inspection to pay damages, nor the failure to comply with such demand, cannot serve as a ground for a prohibition on leaving the seaport by ship vessels. Review of the court practice.

Oleg Kachmar


The article is available in Ukrainian

Oleksandra Bortman


The Draft Law on Medicinal Products (registration No. 5547) is currently pending in the Ukrainian Parliament (Verkhovna Rada). There are several factors suggesting that this draft law should be taken as seriously as possible: firstly, the draft law was signed by 22 MPs from different factions and groups, including M. Radutskyi, Chairman of the Sectoral Committee, and, secondly, the draft law has already been approved in the first reading...

Bohdan Shabarovskyi

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