Corporate and M&A

Opening doors to business
Helping foreign businesses start operations in Ukraine. We give advice from optimal company type choice to execution of a corporate agreement between partners. We create solid corporate structures.

Supporting transactions
This is our strength. We like to bring transactions to a successful conclusion. Focusing on conditions that are really important for clients and do not waste time on secondary things.

Making corporate restructurings
Helping clients build a lean corporate structure. Such structure is easier to manage, requires fewer maintenance costs, and makes it easier to raise finance. We put things in order in structures with over 70 companies.

Advising on corporate governance
We understand that effective corporate governance is the future of Ukrainian businesses. This is supported by our research [link].
We closely cooperate with the Corporate Governance Professional Association and participate in the development of corporate governance laws and regulations.
Advising banks, industrial companies, agricultural holdings, and food producers. From international groups to family companies.

"Long-standing firm well versed in a range of corporate and commercial issues"

Chambers Europe 2021



Q&A provides an overview of Corporate Governance laws and regulations applicable in Ukraine

Anatoliy Pashynskyi , Volodymyr Igonin


Сьогодні кожен із нас на своєму фронті наближає перемогу над російським загарбником. Щоб підтримати наші Збройні Сили, багато українців почали займатись волонтерською діяльністю: організовують збір коштів, закупляють необхідні товари, допомагають з перевезеннями тощо. Значна частина волонтерів працює самостійно або ж приєдналась до вже існуючих благодійних чи громадських організацій...

Anatoliy Pashynskyi


A share repurchase or the so-called ‘buyback’ is a common practice in stock markets. Companies announcing buybacks repurchase shares from their shareholders and effectively remove them from the stock market. In particular, this is how publicly traded companies react to the undervaluation of their shares in the marketplace, thereby reducing the risk of hostile takeovers...

Solomiia Petryk



Volodymyr Igonin

Partner, Attorney-at-Law

Corporate and M&A,
Telecommunications, Media & Technology

Anatoliy Pashynskyi

Counsel, Attorney-at-Law

Anticorruption Issues,
Corporate and M&A,
Private Client and Wealth Management

Solomiia Petryk


Anticorruption Issues,
Corporate and M&A

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