Vasil Kisil and Partners.

Since 1992.
Zero tolerance
to illegal practice.

Completing e-declarations of any complexity on a turnkey basis. Advising on any anti-corruption matters. Supporting full verifications of e-declarations by the National Agency on Corruption Prevention. Defending clients facing official investigations. Providing legal support in administrative matters relating to corruption. Defending clients in criminal proceedings for declaring false information.

"Vasil Kisil and Partners ‘delivers a perfect service’"

LEGAL 500 2018

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since 1992

Since founding the firm in 1992, we have been working strictly in accordance with the law.

Aiming to provide an excellent level of service, we follow best practices of the law firms in developed markets.

We always comply with the conflict of interest rule and provide legal services only and within the legal frameworks.


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Yuriy Kolos, Dmytro Derkach


On 14 November 2019, the Draft Law No 2194 “On Introducing Amendments to the Land Code of Ukraine and Other Laws of Ukraine Regarding the Improvement of the System of Administration and Deregulation in the Sphere of Land Relations” passed in first reading by the Ukrainian Parliament...

Oleg Kachmar, Oleksandra Bortman


The article is available in Ukrainian

Valeriya Savchuk