Responsible tax planning
Helping our clients to decrease the tax burden remaining tax compliant. Developing cost-efficient structures for the transactions we handle, including cross-border transactional tax advice.

Conducting due diligence of a company’s activities before a tax audit
Conducting due diligence of primary documents and preparing a company for a tax audit. Providing rock-solid responses to inquiries from tax authorities so that to prevent an unscheduled tax audit and avoid judicial and administrative appeals.

Assisting refunding overpaid taxes
Analyzing company's tax records to find situations related to its activities that give rise to overpayment of taxes. We consult on a potential change in the taxation treatment of such transactions and refunding overpaid taxes and duties to the company's bank account or crediting them towards future payments.



8 вересня 2021 року Парламент прийняв Закон України «Про віртуальні активи». Закон ще не підписав президент, а на сайті Верховної Ради опублікована та версія закону, яка може відрізнятися від проголосованої...

Ostap Semerak, Tetyana Berezhna


The article is available in Ukrainian

Alexander Borodkin, Dmytro Saranchuk


З 1 вересня українці можуть скористатися правом податкової амністії за пільговими ставками. Які плюси, мінуси та підводні камені цієї процедури...

Alexander Borodkin, Roman Yemets


Tetyana Berezhna

Counsel, Attorney-at-Law

Anticorruption Issues,
Domestic Litigation,
Tax Litigation

Alexander Borodkin

Partner, Attorney-at-Law

Real Estate and Construction,
Trade and Commercial,
Transport and Infrastructure

Alina Ratushna

Junior Associate

Domestic Litigation,
Tax Litigation

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