Relieving clients completely from troubles caused by tax authorities
Offering a comprehensive service for representation both of a client in a tax dispute and client's officers in criminal proceedings and cases on administrative offences initiated based on results of tax inspection. We act in synergy with the firm's white collar crime practice, whose attorneys have tremendous experience of interacting with or servicing in law enforcement agencies.

Understanding details of taxation in various industries and specifics inherent to each of them
Aware in detail of the taxation of such industries as agriculture, banks, IT and media, foodstuff and retail, pharmacy and agricultural chemistry, mining and machine building and the key arguments tax officers would have in disputes in such industries.

Well-versed in opportunities offered by procedural laws in tax disputes
We have extensive experience of procedural maneuvering and know all ins and out of administrative litigations. Successfully make use of the new procedural law, compensating significantly for the client's expenses for legal services and applying measures of procedural compulsion to opponents.

"Special strength in tax litigation with a strong track record in representing defendants in criminal proceedings"

Chambers Europe 2024



Так, вам ще дійсно не пізно купити велику квартиру або достойний котедж на ту готівку, що ви тримаєте у сейфі або на рахунку у Сейшелах. І держава дійсно не питатиме вас, чи сплатили ви з неї податки. Щоб в цьому пересвідчитись, можете проскролити до останнього розділу статті, але радимо все ж прочитати її повністю. Нюансів і обмежень досить багато.

Dmytro Saranchuk, Alexander Borodkin


Q&A about Tax Controversy in Ukraine 2021

Alina Ratushna, Andriy Stelmashchuk


The article is available in Ukrainian


The article is available in Ukrainian

Alina Ratushna


Alina Ratushna


Domestic Litigation,
Tax Litigation

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