Value Added Tax


If your company is a VAT payer or import goods to Ukraine, it is you whom the new rules on VAT are applicable.
1. How have the rules for recognising tax amounts as a tax credit changed?

A tax amount may be recognised as a tax credit based on any customs declarations (temporary, additional, other types), under which tax amounts are paid to the budget upon importing goods into the customs territory of Ukraine.

2. New fines for VAT

Fines are imposed for late registration or non-registration of tax invoices with respect to transactions that: 

  • are not subject to VAT;
  • are exempt from VAT; 
  • are taxable at zero rate or do not concern the taxpayer's business; 
  • if tax amounts are recognised proportionally as a tax credit (i.e., if goods, services, non-current assets are used partially and are not used partially in VAT taxable transactions).  

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