Best Lawyers Names Vasil Kisil & Partners Law Firm of the Year 2019 in Labor & Employment and Litigation Practice Areas


Vasil Kisil & Partners has been named the “Law Firm of the Year” for expertise in Labor & Employment and Litigation practice areas by the international law directory Best Lawyers 2019. Also, 7 lawyers and 16 practice areas have been highly recommended by the ranking.

Best Lawyers 2019 recommends lawyers of Vasil Kisil & Partners in the following practice areas:

Senior Partner Vasil Kisil – in Corporate Law, Investment, Litigation, Mergers & Acquisitions, Trade Law;

Managing partner Andriy Stelmashchuk – in Administrative Law, Litigation and Tax Law;

Partner Oleg Alyoshin – in the field of Arbitration and Mediation, Construction Law, Energy and Natural Resources, Litigation, Real Estate, and Trade;

Partner Alexander Borodkin – in the field of Agriculture & Rural Affairs, Construction and Real Estate;

Partner Oleg Makarov – in Arbitration and Mediation, Insolvency and Reorganization Law, Investment, Litigation, Real Estate, Tax Law;

Partner Oksana Voynarovska – in Family Law, Family Law Mediation, Labor and Employment, and Litigation;

Counsel Valeriya Savchuk – in Labor and Employment Law.

The reputable international directory Best Lawyers has been conducting its surveys in 70 countries worldwide, including Ukraine. Its annual ranking is based solely on evaluations of peers.