Electric Dispatch: New Electronic Service from Vasil Kisil & Partners


We invite you to test a new information service from the lawyers of Vasil Kisil & Partners’ IT Practice Group. 

Electric Dispatch is free automated email newsletter service giving you advance notice of the latest legislative initiatives. 

The service records the registration of new draft laws and changes in the status of the already registered ones: current status, anticipated actions, expert review summary. 

Electric Dispatch enables to monitor the initiatives of the Ukrainian Parliament's selected committee or to keep track of the activities of several committees at once that are relevant for certain practices.  

The service will be useful for: 

  • Businesses - to keep abreast of legislative amendments 
  • Non-governmental organizations - to align their activities with current legislative amendments 
  • International technical assistance projects - to keep track of project-related legislative amendments 
  • Advocacy experts - to publicly discuss important legislative initiatives 
  • Public officials - to align their activities with the anticipated amendments and streamline participation in rule making 
  • Academia - to update research in accordance with the recent legislative initiatives 

To subscribe to Electric Dispatch, please go to the project website at https://bit.ly/3RPFVh1 (in Ukrainian), select the type of subscription and specify the e-mail address to which you want to receive the newsletters. 

As long as the service is working in a test mode, we will appreciate your feedback, questions, comments and wishes at [email protected] 

Contact person: 

Vitalii Meliankov, Associate at Vasil Kisil & Partners