Head of Vasil Kisil & Partners IP Practice, Alexey Filatov and VKP’s IP lawyer Alexander Mamunya were among 420 delegates who attended the annual IP Business Congress that took place June 25 -26, 2008 in Amsterdam


The IP Business Congress is undoubtedly one of the major IP events of 2008 and quite probably the year’s most important gathering of global IP business leaders. Mr. Filatov and Mr. Mamunya were among the very few law firms from Ukraine whereas majority of participants were IP professionals from world-class companies and in-house IP lawyers.

All day on June 25th and the morning of 26th, the CIPO Summit with a world-class faculty of over 70 speakers, focused on understanding the roles and responsibilities of the Chief Intellectual Property Officer, a position recently introduced by global businesses that reflects a very important trend in this area.

According to Mr. Mamunya a presentation made by Ron Laurie, Chairman and Managing Director of an intellectual property investment bank Inflexion Point Strategy, LLC was very successful in demonstrating one major problem most companies experience in this regard. It is the lack of understanding CIPO’ importance for the organization and the lack of necessary authorities that make the position of Chief Intellectual Property Officer less effective than it should be. While most corporations still deal with intellectual property rights only when they are violated and/or when it comes to litigation, most speakers at the congress agreed that enhancing the role of the CIPO in company’s development and strategic planning is a more pro-active way to approach this issue.

“In order to stay abreast with current tendencies in the world of intellectual property, - further comments VKP’s Partner Alexey Filatov, who is in charge of the firm’s IP practice, - I find attending this forum was of much help. We received valuable insights in the latest innovation and economic development in the IP business around the globe.”