Vasil Kisil and Partners Researches Corporate Governance in Ukraine together with CGPA, Amrop and EBA


Vasil Kisil and Partners jointly with CGPA and Amrop, supported by EBA launches the survey for the 2018 Corporate Governance in Ukraine.

The organizers intend to research the current status of corporate governance by polling companies operating in Ukraine. To trace the developments the survey will be annual.

We invite owners, members of supervisory boards and management of Ukrainian companies as well as heads of legal services, corporate secretaries, and compliance officers to participate in the survey.

The online survey is open until 15 September and available at this link. The results will be presented in a report covering trends and forecasts for corporate governance in Ukraine.

"Proper corporate governance available in Ukrainian companies will contribute to economic growth of individual companies and the public economy in general by attracting domestic and foreign investors and raising investments. Having researched the current status of corporate governance in Ukraine, we will be able to evaluate all positive and negative aspects of corporate governance systems operated by companies and to develop globally efficient recommendations on how to improve them, as well as to understand the development trends", – Oleksandr Okuniev, Head of Management Board, CGPA.

“We are confident that effective corporate governance adds value and sustainability to a company. Our opinion is based on foreign experience as well as on our clients' experience in Ukraine. Besides, the level of attention paid to corporate governance is increasing year by year. We decided to approach representatives of companies as the primary beneficiaries of effective corporate governance. Their feedback to the questions of the survey will give the most valuable practical insight into the actual state and perspectives of corporate governance in Ukraine", – Volodymyr Igonin, Head of Corporate / M&A, Partner at Vasil Kisil & Partners.

“Within recent years we have been witnessing an increasing interest and broadening awareness in the topic of Corporate governance in general, and Supervisory Boards in particular. This unique survey is an important step in understanding how it is actually progressing, and which way it has yet to take. We are confident the outcomes will eventually help to promote the idea of corporate governance which is a crucial mental reform Ukraine has to overcome”,
– Alex Dayrabekov, Associate Partner, Amrop Ukraine.