Vasil Kisil & Partners' Partners Oleg Makarov and Denys Lysenko participating in the Third CIS Local Counsel Forum held in St. Petersburg (Russia) June 25 - 27, 2008


On the first day of the Forum Mr. Oleg Makarov, the Managing Partner with Vasil Kisil & Partners, took part in the round table discussion dedicated to organizational and managerial issues of the law practice, such as interrelations between the partners, marketing advancements, attracting new talents, upgrading competences, billing procedures, implementing cutting-edge technologies, legal and attorney fees, development programs, etc.

Second-day morning sessions highlighted a general situation and recent news from the law practice in the participating states, including Ukraine. Mr. Denys Lysenko, running the corporate practice in VKP, chose to attend the afternoon session dedicated to corporate lawyers and external legal counsels, where collaboration arrangements between legal counsels in different jurisdictions were discussed and case studies of successful cooperation between law firms were presented.

On the last day of the Forum VKP representatives had a chance to discuss issues of particular interest for Ukraine in general and for Vasil Kisil & Partners in particular - the interaction of businesses and government, i.e. cooperation between the private and public sectors in the form of a public and private partnership (PPP), concessions and product sharing agreements.