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On 01 December 2019, the Ukrainian Parliament in part brought into force the Law No. 199-IX “On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts Regarding Improvement of the Procedure of Provision of Administrative Services in the Field of Construction and Creation of the Single State Electronic System in the Field of Construction” (the “Law”). 

The purpose of the Law is to improve the order of providing administrative services in the construction sector and create of a Single state electronic system in the construction sector (the “Electronic system”). 

The law provides the creation of the Electronic system, which shall consist of the Register of Construction Activity, the Electronic cabinet of the user of the electronic system (the “Electronic cabinet”), and the Portal of the electronic system.

The Law provides the submission the documents in electronic format for the obtaining of all administrative and other statutory services in the construction sector, as well as provision such services electronically. Using the Electronic system will allow to pay online for administrative services and fines for offenses in the field of urban development. 

The Law’s key provisions are also as follows:

  • Introducing public access to information contained in the electronic system (except personal data) through the Portal of the electronic system.
  • Receiving all administrative and other statutory services in the construction sector electronically 24 hours per day, 7 days per week: introducing an electronic submission of the documents for all administrative and other services; obtaining electronic form of provided administrative services, obtaining a hard copy only on demand.
  • Introducing an ID of the construction site and the completed construction site that will remain constant over the life cycle of the object.
  • Increasing responsibility of the entities providing administrative services.
  • Limiting powers of officials of the State Architectural and Construction Inspectorate, in part of abolition of construction passports, and abolition of urban planning conditions and restrictions, etc.

Although the Law brought into force on 01 December 2019, the provisions on the introduction of Electronic cabinet – prior to 01 January 2020 [The order of functioning of the Electronic cabinet which will provide consulting online on the provision of services or exercising state control, access to electronic document management on the implementation of measures of state architectural and construction control and consulting, etc. is under development]. The Electronic system will be implemented in stages – from 01 December 2020 till 01 December 2022.

Summarizing the Law’s key provisions, it should be mentioned – the Law will make a significant impact on the further development of new service in transparent communication of the state and participants of urban development activity in the construction sector.

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Oleg Kachmar


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Oleg Kachmar