Energy Investment Risk Assessment: Ukraine 2021


Oleg Alyoshin

Partner, Attorney-at-Law

Energy and Natural Resources,
International Arbitration

Tetiana Revutska

Senior Associate, Attorney-at-Law

Energy and Natural Resources,
PPP and Procurement,
Real Estate and Construction,
Construction and Development,

Oleg Alyoshin and Tetyana Revutska acted as local experts for the annual Energy Investment Risk Assessment report.

The report covers such areas as:

•    risk level
•    indicator performance
•    sub-indicator performance

This year Ukraine’s overall risk level against the assessed areas is low.

EIRA is an initiative of the International Energy Charter which aims to create a legal framework for facilitating international energy cooperation.

Full version of the report can be found following the link:

Published: EIRA, November 2021

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Oleg Alyoshin and Tetyana Revutska have contributed to EIRA annual report providing their expertise for Ukrainian profile regarding risk level, indicator performance and sub-indicator performance...

Tetiana Revutska, Oleg Alyoshin