New Rules of Compensating for Infringement on Copyrights


Ilarion Tomarov

Counsel, Attorney-at-Law

Data Protection and Privacy,
Intellectual Property,

The article is available in Ukrainian 

Published: Yurydychna Gazeta, 13 August 2018

Author: Ilarion Tomarov

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Medicines can be sold in Ukraine only after state registration (similar to marketing authorization in EU). The authority does not oblige by the procedure for registration of a medicinal product to verify applicant`s compliance with the trademark rights of third parties. It makes sense, as otherwise state authority would need to hire experts who can define likelihood of confusion between trademarks and the name of the medicine...

Ilarion Tomarov


Іларіон Томаров, Дар'я Ромащенко для Terralex Connections

Ilarion Tomarov, Daria Romashchenko