Single tax, activities of individual entrepreneurs


Main changes for individual entrepreneurs
1. What is about changes in annual incomes of single tax payers?

The law contains rules that increase the annual income limits, within which you may pay a single tax, unless they are exceeded: up to UAH 1 million, for the first group; up to UAH 5 million, for the second group; up to UAH 7 million, for the third group of single tax payers. However, it was another law that has increased such limits starting from 2 April 2020.

2. How do the rules for payment of the land tax by single tax payers change?

Starting from 1 July 2020, single tax payers must pay the land tax if land plots and/or real property located on such land plots are/is let on lease.

3. Have the rules for depriving a person of the status of a single tax payer changed?

If the tax debt does not exceed UAH 1020, a person may not be deprived of his or her status of a single tax payer.

4. How will individual entrepreneurs who enjoy the simplified taxation system pay a tax on payments to a non-resident?

Individual entrepreneurs who are single tax payers withhold a 15% tax on income paid to non-residents.

5. What will change for individual entrepreneurs who enjoy the general taxation system?

Individual entrepreneurs who enjoy the general taxation system will be able to amortise trucks and recognise as expenses payments for non-residential real property, transport tax, etc.

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