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8 вересня 2021 року Парламент прийняв Закон України «Про віртуальні активи». Закон ще не підписав президент, а на сайті Верховної Ради опублікована та версія закону, яка може відрізнятися від проголосованої...

Ostap Semerak, Tetyana Berezhna


The Draft Law on Medicinal Products (registration No. 5547) is currently pending in the Ukrainian Parliament (Verkhovna Rada). There are several factors suggesting that this draft law should be taken as seriously as possible: firstly, the draft law was signed by 22 MPs from different factions and groups, including M. Radutskyi, Chairman of the Sectoral Committee, and, secondly, the draft law has already been approved in the first reading...

Bohdan Shabarovskyi


World's rising interest in hydrogen has touched Ukraine as well. Ukraine's government reports on its plans to attract investment into production, transportation, use and storage of hydrogen. Ukraine has potential to become a lucrative destination for hydrogen producers due to its resources that allow to produce different types of hydrogen, and geographical position granting access to European markets...

Tetiana Revutska


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Alexander Borodkin, Dmytro Saranchuk


The Annual Global Report (AGR) is an annual report prepared by the IBA Global Employment Institute (GEI) highlighting specific general international trends in human resources law. This is the ninth AGR and is based on responses from lawyers in 50 countries...

Oksana Voynarovska

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