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Q&A about Private Wealth in Ukraine 2021

Alexander Borodkin, Oksana Voynarovska


The new tax laws are likely to increase the cost of services on the Ukrainians’ favorite media platforms and increase the administrative burden on international companies. They will have to register as VAT payers in Ukraine, file VAT returns and will likely have to pay fines...

Alina Ratushna, Tetyana Berezhna


The article is available in Ukrainian

Oksana Voynarovska , Daryna Lysyk, Daria-Oleksandra Zagorui


The article is available in Ukrainian

Ostap Semerak, Tetyana Berezhna


The article is available in Ukrainian

Yegor Svidlo


Starting from early 2020, Ukrainian construction industry undergoes a string of core reforms. Aimed to reboot the industry, the reformative laws will establish new authorities to oversee all regulatory matters, will streamline the procedures for issuing construction permits and set new rules for inspections...

Alexander Borodkin, Tetiana Revutska

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