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We help setting up IT companies and R&D units of in Ukraine. We create a corporate structure and consult on tax planning, hiring employees, and contracting. We draft software development agreements and support day-to-day operations

Intellectual property and human resources make up the basis of ІТ business

We will prompt how to have sufficient protection for an ІТ product: transferring copyrights to the code or obtaining a patent to the interface design; to apply the commercial secret treatment or, alternatively, obtain a patent for a technical solution. We will protect you whenever you find that your product is used illegally or your company is accused of violating intellectual property rights. We find efficient solutions to protect against solicitation of developers and unfair competition among ІТ companies.

We understand how the law works in the cyberspace

We consult on the Internet law, consumer right protection, e-commerce and online privacy. We protect IT companies in disputes with users and regulators. We deal with legal aspects of the cyber security.

We work with breakthrough technologies

Be it the Internet of things, artificial intelligence and cloud technology your product may be based on, we do know how to make it compliant with the law and regulatory requirements. We find out-of-the-box solutions stemming from the law, which does not at all times keep track of developments of the breakthrough technology.

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Legal 500 2019



Trial prompts for Midjourney and ChatGPT are long overdue, and fatigue from the omnipresent AI-generated content hopefully faded away. It is high time to catch your breath and think calmly about how to live side-by-side with impressively competent artificial intelligence.

Vitalii Meliankov


Why is GDPR-like reform expected? Considering that Ukraine aims (1) to focus on the IT industry and engage foreign investors, and (2) to join the European Union, taking the GDPR as a reference for privacy reform is a sensible move. The GDPR is a regulation that most companies aim to comply with – setting mirrored requirements is business-friendly. On top of that, the GDPR outperforms current Ukrainian legislation in terms of data subject protection.

Vitalii Meliankov, Liliia Lavrichenko


Q&A provides an overview of Crypto Assets in Ukraine

Yegor Svidlo, Alina Ratushna


Beyond the standard government response to a military invasion – a switch to martial law mode of operation, Ukraine has turned its IT industry into one of the key instruments to keep the country afloat. Since 24 February IT has done and continues to be extraordinarily successful in saving lives and defending homeland. People can rely on applications to swiftly inform them of air raids, satellite internet access ensures military and emergency communication...

Vitalii Meliankov


Vitalii Meliankov


Data Privacy,
Labour and Employment

Ilarion Tomarov

Counsel, Attorney-at-Law

Data Privacy,
Intellectual Property,

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