Senior Associate, Attorney-at-Law


PPP and Procurement
Real Estate and Construction
Transport and Infrastructure


Roman has been advising on legal issues related to business structuring since 2010.

Member of international human rights organization: Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), who defends digital privacy, freedom of speech and innovation, Free Software Foundation (FSF) and others, who develop open technologies.

Translates into Ukrainian messengers that respect privacy.

Member of Kyiv-Mohyla Moot Court Society and judge of civil law debate competitions among students of the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy.

Automates dull work by using Python programming language, supporting thus the mission of Python Software Foundation, whose member he is.


PPP and Procurement,
Real Estate and Construction,
Transport and Infrastructure

Personal goal

Saving the world, one contract at a time


Social activism for digital rights – Digital Rights Advocacy

selected projects



The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has finally published Resolution No. 480 of 19 April 2022 (the “Resolution”), which, among other things, renews state registration of real property titles. It was officially published in the Uriadovyi Kurier newspaper and, accordingly, entered into force on 28 April. The Resolution provides for a number of restrictions, which, as the Minister of Justice has repeatedly stated earlier, are aimed at preventing wrongful interference with and misuse of real property under martial law...

Roman Riabenko


Q&A about Real Estate in Ukraine 2021

Roman Riabenko, Alexander Borodkin


Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelensky and the World Bank’s IFC are promoting six pilot road PPPs worth over USD 1.5 billion. Toll roads worth over USD 5 billion could follow. But the track record doesn’t look great, reports Sergei Kuznetsov. Ukraine has a long history of failing to bring private capital into its road infrastructure...

Roman Riabenko